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31 Oct 2022

Bridge Rectifiers (VRRM = 50 - 1000V) and Schottky Bridges (VRRM = 40 - 100V). It is generally used as AC/DC rectification. Bridge Rectifiers (VRRM = 50 - 1000V),Schottky Bridge Rectifiers (VRRM = 40 - 100V)
Ideal for printed circuit boards
Lead free in compliance with EU RoHS 2.0
Halogen-free according to IEC 61249 standard
Mechanical Data
Case : GBJ-2 Package
Terminals : Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
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24 Oct 2022

Open Frame Motors feature a shaded pole motor and are available in either 115V or 230V. They are available in a wattage range from 33W-120W and you have the ability to choose the proper propeller size for your application with a range from 154mm-300mm.
Housing- Die Cast Aluminum
Connection - 3x Wire Leads, 500mm long
Motor -Single Phase Shaded Pole AC, Impedance or Thermal Protected,Class H Insulation, IP42 Protection Class
Bearing System- Dual Ball..
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17 Oct 2022

Compact, Smooth and Accurate Motion for Advanced Sensor Positioning
The most powerful of the Servotorq series of Integrated Servo Motors and designed for applications requiring exceptional positional accuracy and repeatability, Atlas delivers ultra-smooth, fast, silent and precise motion in a standalone package. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for integration in to a wide variety of sensor position applications including high performance and environmentally rugged cameras, radars and..
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10 Oct 2022

The UTSX series is a circular plastic connector with a 1/3 bayonet coupling to quickly connect and secure the connection system due to an audible click that guarantees the correct connection. The Sunbank UTSX series is a full-plastic, waterproof circular connector designed for harsh environments. The UTSX series features reinforced bayonet pins and a broader range of layouts, sizes and mechanical keyings when compared to its predecessor, the UTS series.
Part of the Souriau TRIM TRIO con..
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03 Oct 2022

These thermistors are made of NTC ceramic material. The device consists of a chip with two tinned nickel leads. The parts are coated and color band marked. Tape and reel versions available on request.
Accurate over a wide temperature range.
(tolerance on B-value down to 0.5 %).
Good stability over a long life.
Excellent price/performance ratio.
Low heat conductivity through 0.4 mm Ni-leads.
cULus recognized, file E148885 .
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