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11 Jul 2022

ECS Oscillator products include quartz based and silicon hybrid clock oscillators with a complete range of performance options.
A Crystal Oscillator is an electronic circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating element to create an electrical signal with a precise frequency. ECS hybrid clock oscillators incorporate precision quartz crystal resonators and state-of-the-art technology to combine low cost, high reliability and superior miniaturization.
The output config..
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04 Jul 2022

New technology from Bel Fuse-Commercial Grade Attenuators CGA-1040 Series. Bel Fuse is introducing the CGA-1040 series attenuators for commercial applications that are part of the Midwest Microwave Commercial Grade series. Applications include cellular base stations, public safety systems, Wi-Fi networks, active antenna systems, 5G, GPS, and many other commercial applications. These RF and microwave attenuators are designed and tested to ensure reliable performance, while also being availab..
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27 Jun 2022

Modular Jack - RJE72 Series The RJE72 single port series of Modular Jacks meets CAT5e performance per EIA-568-C.2 standards. It supports 1G and 2.5G Ethernet data rates and transmission frequencies up to 100MHz. The available shielding enhances EMI performance and LEDs support link activity and network speed verification. These connectors are made with high temperature composites and are coupled with high temperature resistant LEDs. Highly durable with 750 mating and unmating cycles and suppo..
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20 Jun 2022

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group today announced the recent expansion of its dc fans and blowers product line with the addition of over 30 new series and over 500 new SKUs. These highly economical models include a range of sleeve bearing and ball bearing options as well as CUI Devices’ omniCOOL™ bearing system that provides enhanced longevity and performance compared to traditional fan designs. In addition to being highly economical, models with a C, CF, BG, or BF suffix offer industry-bes..
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13 Jun 2022

The LUXEON IR Domed Gen 2 for Automotive is a family of high power infrared emitters tailored to application needs by offering a variety of products at multiple infrared wavelengths and optical radiation patterns. Through best-in-class thermal conductivity, LUXEON IR Domed Gen 2 has excellent performance at actual operating conditions. The LUXEON IR Domed Gen 2 uses an industry standard footprint for ease of integration and upgrading existing system designs. All LUXEON IR Domed Gen 2 LED..
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